YUANHENG High Efficiency Cooling Tower

A total of 226 models have been certified by CTI. Thermal performance is absolutely guaranteed. You don't have to worry that the whole cooling system can not meet the design requirement because of the insufficient thermal performance of the cooling tower and reduce energy consumption because of the insufficient thermal performance of the cooling tower.



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Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Open Circuit Counter Flow

Cooling Tower

Open Circuit Cross Flow 

Cooling Tower



ECS Energy Solution Co., Ltd. (Former Energy Conservation System Thailand) has been working in energy conservation in more than 20 years of engineering solutions. Our business model is to provide Turnkey EPC , Energy Performance Contracting, to customer as turnkey solution with energy performance guarantee .

Currently the company is member of Thai ESCO Association and ESCO accredit at The Federation of Thai Industries. Our core business consisted of 6 areas as follow :

  1. Absorption Chiller Solution

  2. Electrical Oil Free Chiller Solution

  3. High Efficiency Cooling Tower Solution

  4. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solution

  5. Ventilation System Solution

  6. Home Use Products



  1. Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand (Mae Moh)

  2. Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand (Bangkok)

  3. SK Food Industry

  4. Flomax Filtration Industry

  5. Thai Cane Paper

  6. Kanayama Kasei

  7. Bangkok Komatsu

  8. Living 365 (Chiang Mai)

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ECS Energy Solution Co., Ltd.

634/2 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 39 (Thep Leela 1) Wangthonglang Bangkok 10310

Tel : +66 29356740

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